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Tag by Barbara
First, I have to tell you that this tutorial was originally written by someone else.  I took it, changed it to suit my methods, and then put it in a tutorial format only to share.  As always, this type of tag was sent through our gift tag group and credit for it must be placed there.  To find out more about membership click here.
This tutorial assumes that you have knowledge of psp, working with layers, tubes, and understand which tools are which. 
To begin we are going to open a new image.  I make mine 300x300, transparent. 
Now flood fill the first layer white.  Add a new layer.  Add your tube to this layer.  Add a slight drop shadow to the tube.  Now, on your color palette, choose a gradient for your foreground and null for your background.
Now click on your foreground color.  You can play with the settings here.  It is of particular interest to notice the styles you can use.  They are on the far right hand side of the options box that comes up.
You can choose any of these for different effects.  Select the one that you like.
Now choose the airbrush.  On layer one, spray until you achieve the results that you like.  Again, you can play with the settings here to achieve the effect you like.  These were the ones originally recomended to me.
Once you get to this point, you can add your text and export.  Walla, a new type of tag!