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Hi! I just wanted to take a minute and welcome all new and returning members to our group! This is an automated message, so please do not feel like this listing of the rules is directed to anyone in particular. We are a pretty laid back group here, but have found for the good of all that we must include and enforce a couple of rules.
  • This is a snag group. If you do not want your graphics snagged and used by others, please do not post them here.
  • You are free to snag the tags posted here for personal, non-profit use. If you would like to use a tag on a website, please get the author's permission.
  • Tags are what we share here. Please do not post stationery, scripts, midi's, fonts, or anything other than tags. There are many great lists out there for that type of thing.
  • Chatting is allowed in this group, but not recquired.
  • No spam, flaming or bickering is allowed. There is a zero tolerence policy here. If you have a problem on the list, please email Sparrow or Willow privately and they will handle the situation as soon as possible.
  • Please insert and attach your tags if at all possible. This makes it easier for all to see and snag the tags shared. You can find a tut that goes into the how's and why's here:
    How and why to insert and attach
  • There is no such thing as a dumb question in this group. Please feel free to post or email Sparrow or Willow Privately with any questions.
  • Active participation is a must. You must be active to stay a member of this group. That means that you must post at least 4 tags per month.
  • Snagged tags are ok to post if you have the authors permission.
  • It can not be said enough. If you post here you are giving your permission for members to take your tags and use them. This means they may be shared with other email groups, family, friends, newsgroups, left in guestbooks, etc. If you don't want it snagged, please do not post it to this group.
    Ok with all that said...

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