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Reflection Frame
tag by Barbara
This tut is brought to us compliments of Barbara, one of the founding members of our group and the backbone that keeps us going.
As always, this type of tag was sent through our gift tag group and credit for it must be placed there.  To find out more about membership Click Here
This tutorial assumes that you have knowledge of psp, working with layers, tubes, and understand which tools are which. 
To begin we are going to open a new image.  I make mine 300x300, white
Now add a new layer.  Select your tube, place it on your picture.  Add your text, drop shadows, bevels, etc.  so that the tag is the way you want it.
Now merge all visible layers. Now you will use the eyedropper tool to choose a color from your tube.  Right click to make this the bottom color on your color pallet.  I chose blue.
Now, go to image-add borders.  Add a border of 10 symmetric.
Now, use your magic wand to select the border.  Choose, Effects, Reflection, Pattern. Say ok.
Now, while still selected,you want to add an inner bevel.
I like these settings:
Almost done!  I like to add a drop shadow to add a little depth.  Horizontal 1 and vertical 1.
All that's left is to deselect and save your work!
tag by Barbara