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Adding text to animation
using propagate paste.
This tutorial is one that I am asked for frequently.  It takes an already animated image and allows you to add text to it.  Once again, this tut was born in our group, Blank Gift Tags, so the credit for it goes there.To find out more about membership you'll need to <a href="">Click Here</a>This tutorial assumes that you have knowledge of psp,animation shop, working with layers, tubes, and understand which tools are which.
1.  I will be using this gif for the tut.  I did not create the gif, and to my knowledge it is freeware.  Right click to save this gif to your hard drive.
2.  Open the gif in animation shop, and click the center square to maximize your frames. Right  click on frame 1 so that it is the only one highlighted and choose insert frames/empty.
3.  You will insert 1 frame, before frame 1, and it will be blank to canvas color.
4.  Click on frame 1, so that only it is highlighted.  This should be your blank frame. 
5.  Choose Edit/propagate paste.
6.  Choose a color for your text in the color palette.  I used the eyedropper and selected a color from the gif.  Click on your text tool.(This is the A in your tool bar).
7.  Making sure only frame one is highlighted, click on it and add the text you want.  I chose to put LOL, using a font called 2peas oatmeal cookie, bold, size 48, antilias checked, and centered.  These settings may change depending upon the animation you are using.
8. Once again, with only frame one Highlighted, right click and choose copy. You will probably have to choose the arrow again in your tool bar. Now right click on the same frame and choose delete.
9.  Now choose edit-select all.
10.  While all of the frames are highlighted, you are going to right click on frame one and choose paste into selected frame.  Align the text where you think it will look the best. Now this is going to put the text on all the frames in the same spot, so keep that in mind when you are aligning it.  Once you have the text where you want it, click to set it.  You should see the text on all frames.
That's all there is to it! View your animation,close, Choose to save your file and you are done!  For adding text to animation that is too small for text, please see the resizing animation tut.