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I have been asked many times how to do the glitter on the sigtags that I do.  For that reason, I have written this tut.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me,  I have a sigtag group, and I have to say that the credit for any tuts I do actually needs to go to all of those wonderful people.  WE make tags to share, and when one of us comes up with a new idea, we all try it, test it, add our own flair, and walla a new tut is born.  LOL!  If you are interested in joining our group please visit our yahoo groups home at:
Ok, this tut assumes that you have a working knowledge of psp, the use of tubes, and the use of layers.
First you will need to choose a font and a tube to work with.    Now open a new image 300x300, transparent background.
Now, select your tube and put it on your image.  Add a new layer.  Add your text, in whatever colors you like.  Add any embellishments like drop shadows, inner bevels, etc that you like.  Merge visible layers. 
Now for the glitter.  Take your magic wand and select the part of the tag you want to glitter.  You can select several areas by holding down the shift key while selecting.  Another shortcut is to select one small area with the magic wand and then go to selections-modify-select similar.  That's what I did for this tag..
Once you have your area selected, right click on your layer palette and duplicate your layer 2 times.
Now you are going to highlight the bottom layer.  In the above image, it would be the one called merged.  Go to effects-noise-add noise.  Set the noise at around 20. 
Now go highlight the middle layer. Go to effects-noise-add noise.  Set the noise to around 40.
Now highlight the top layer.  Go to effects-noise-add noise.  Set the noise to around 60.
Save the image as a psp image.
Open animation shop.  We are going to use the animation wizard.  You want these settings on the screens:
1. Same Size
2. transparent
3. Centered and canvas color
4. Repeat indefinately and 10
5.  Add your psp image
6. finish
Now choose view-animation.  Close that out and save your did it!