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Stationery to Print
Scaled down version of stationery we are going to make.
First, I have to tell you that the tube for this tutorial was not made by me.It was made by Dixie G. of the Flameless newsgroup, and she has been gracious enough to grant me permision to use it for this tut. To visit Flameless, click here: Flameless Tubers
Next, I must say that without the encouragement and support of Blank Gift Tags, I would never have attempted this, much less put it in tut format so credit for the tut must be placed there.  To find out more about membership click here.
This tutorial assumes that you have knowledge of psp, working with layers, tubes, and understand which tools are which. 
Before we begin, you will need to download the supplies by clicking here: Supplies
Save the sp-paperlines.sel to your selections folder, and open Bfly3.psp.
1. Open a new image 527x675 transparent.
2. Flood fill white.
3. Add a new layer and copy and paste your butterfly in the center of that layer. Lower the opacity on your layer palette to blend this tube in with the white. I lowered mine to about 23.
4.Merge visible layers.
5. Now choose your eyedropper tool, and select a foreground color from the butterfly tube.
6. Choose selections-load from disk and load the sp_paperlines selection that you saved.
7. Flood Fill the lines with your foreground color. Because the lines are so thin, it may take you a time or two to get it filled. Press CTRL+D to deselect.
8. Add a new layer. On this layer put the butterfly tube in the top right hand corner of the letter. You should have a blank white spot there for it. If you didn't export the tube, you will probably need to resize the tube for this. I used the tube twice so that I could have a larger and a smaller butterfly. On the smaller one, I rotated it slightly to the right. Always remember to sharpen after you resize an image.
9. Add a new layer and put the butterfly in the lower left, where the blank white spot is. Again, you may need to resize. Don't forget to sharpen!
10. Merge all visible layers.
11. Open the bfly3.psp. Use your selection tool to select an area of the butterfly. This is going to be the border around your stationery. I chose a part of the stained glass on the wing. Now choose selections-convert to seamless pattern.
12. Now back to your stationery.Choose selections-select all. selections-modify-contract 15. Selections invert. Flood fill this area with a solid color that will blend well with your tube. This is going to be a highlight around your border.
13. Now choose selections-modify-contract 1. Flood fill with the pattern you created from the butterfly. CTRL+D to deselect.
That's it, you are now ready to save and print!
The one I did to write this tut is included in the zip file that you downloaded.